WEbsite is back up and running

Been learning the tablet..took a break from my bookmarks and websites and on and on…and ran wild with the I-pad

.back on a Lap top….as of today

Although I will use the tablet for browsing ..graphic design or editing is best done on a laptop.

Back from a break of five months…

Here I am

Tablets are fucking amazing…get two…


        4′x6′   Acrylic on canvas

One of a series of Big flowers…….yellow flowers-pink stem

More to come…..

        My props have taken on a life of their own…..

       I would have this under a large OBEY if I owned it.

One of my favorite meals in the whole world………Woody’s BBQ………I’m craving it like crazy!

New paintings

Lee Painting in Shenandoah Valley 3Lee painting a gorgeous and unique landscape in Shenandoah Vally last week. Keep posted for the finished product…

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Lee Painting in Shenandoah Valley 1Lee Painting in Shenandoah Valley 2Being on the road lends itself to some unique makeshift studios. While staying in Virgina, Lee had to take advantage of the natural beauty of the outdoors. Shenandoah Vally was especially beautiful with a slight overcast that gave the sky texture and cast a steely grey light on everything. It was mystical…

See more photos  in the Fun Photos Page.

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